We’re still recovering from the non-stop design-inspired week we had in Milan, and we continue to bring you the most stunning finds, the trends we spotted and later this week we let our hair down and enjoy the city at night.


For now, here’s a selection of brands, pieces and installations that caught our eye because of their vibrant colours, their unique use of patterns and textures and their use of space within the city. We go beyond Salone del Mobile into the streets of Brera Design district, Ventura Centrale, Ventura Futura, the stunning Palazzo Serbelloni. And our visit to a 3D printed house with unfinished exposed bricks that could be the next trend in the future of interior design.



The wonderful world of Moroso (top)

Sherry on the über chic Julep sofa by Jonas Wagell for Tacchini (middle)

Inspired by a sea urchin, Riccio by Valentina Zuendel (bottom left)

Inside Out collection by Tianyi Shi Design (bottom right)



Muletas floor lamp and Leda armchair by BD Barcelona (top left)

Shadowy chair by Tord Boontje for Moroso (top right)

Arper collection (bottom left)

Fringes armchair by Munna (bottom right)



Horoscope collection by Missoni Home (top left)

Black and white ceramics at Brera Design District (top right)

Tiger rug at Salone del Mobile Satellite (bottom left)

Sherry’s dress matches the rug! (bottom right)



Typecasting: An assembly of iconic, forgotten and new Vitra designs. La Pelota, Milan

Gubi takes over Palazzo Serbelloni 



Textures we loved at Ventura Futura.



The first 3D printed house on sire in Europe by Massimiliano Locatelli CLS Architetti