We have a soft spot for beautifully handcrafted products that take you through the makers journey. In fact, during the early days of The Longest Stay we sourced a handful of craft masters. Including, Craig Narrramore,Gila Timur, and Utopia & Utility.




London Craft Weekis an annual event that showcases exceptional craftsmanship through a journey-of-discover programme featuring hidden workshops and unknown makers alongside celebrated masters, famous studios, galleries, shops and luxury brands.

It’s our first-time attending events during this prestigious week, and last week we were honoured to have been invited to the Portuguese Embassy for an exclusive preview of Vista Alegre’s 2019 collection. 




Vista Alegre’s(VA Studio) pieces range from crystalware, barware and dinnerware to lights to home décor. They use bold colours and patterns that draw you into each piece, and they collaborate with the most exciting brands out there. The Boca do Lobo collaboration was breath taking! Boca do Lobo'scabinet Pixel - named by AD Choice as one of the 500 best pieces of furniture in the world - was the starting point of this masterpiece.

There are only 8 made in the world and each one is composed of 1090 small hand painted porcelain triangles, and features crystal and platinum internal elements. Signed and authenticated by VA Studio artisans, the imagery portrays a peony garden and two Chinese Phoenixes.The live orchestra made the entire evening even more special, and added to the fairy tale atmosphere VA Studio successfully created within the confines of the Georgian building.




Lastly, we had the opportunity to visit The Italian Table at Maison Assouline: Contemporary Tableware Handcrafted in Italy. The Italian Trade Agency and Confartigianato bring the warmth of an Italian dinner table to London. The top floor of Maison Assouline hosted an installation of contemporary handcrafted tableware inspired by the colours, memories and atmosphere of Italian life. 





We can’t wait for next year’s edition of this wonderful event, and keep checking back as we take through our next event in the design calendar Clerkenwell Design Week2019.