Much more than a corridor that leads to other spaces in your home, a well lit, cleverly organised hallway with stunning use of colour is a must in your interior décor. Remember, this is the space you first see when you or your guests enter your humble abode. So make it count.


Colour Palette Inspiration

The wealth of colours to choose from is wide and varied, from bright colours to dark hallways with a contemporary twist, a dash of eccentric glamour, or traditional design ideas, we’ve got a console table to suit them all. Once you’ve chosen a console table that suits your style use it to underpin the rest of your colour palette decor. Opt for Ginger & Jagger’s Fig Tree console to add an instant lux vibe to your hallway. Complement with metallic home accessories, and a dramatic pendant light. Whilst, Universo Positivo’s Monolit Console adds simplicity with its clean modern lines. Team with no-fuss accessories and functional floor lighting ideas.



Pendant light in black by Linea Verdace

Single stem vase by Rokos


clean and modern

Bestlite floor lamp by Gubi

Copious Loam plate by Kiasmo

Slitta tray by Atipico


Decorating Small Spaces

Hallways come in all shapes and sizes and even small and narrow ones can be turned into a gorgeous space. Here are a few decorating tips to make the best of your space. Stick to a neutral colour scheme on walls and floors to enhance the feeling of light and space, inject personality with beautiful artwork and interesting decorative ornaments. Organisation is also key. Use a cool coat stand to keep your clothes in order, and use designer accessories to keep keys, envelopes and other knick knacks out of the way.



Prima o Pou Cuckoo Clock by Diamantini & Domeniconi

Eclipse Vase by Edge

Twist coat stand by Cascando


To Paint to Not to Paint?

Painting a feature wall in your hallway or all walls always adds a layer of interest to your entire décor. It’s also easy to touch up with the wear and tear of daily life. However, we’d like to also offer you another option. Have you checked out our home decorations wallpaper? We love this option because we find a wallpaper will almost always be more exciting than a painted wall. It will lift your spirits up!



Metallic wallpaper in gold by Jocelyn Warner

Chinese floral wallpaper by Mind the Gap



Mirror, mirror on the wall

The hallway is a transitional space, we spend very little time there, which means you can be afforded the luxury of playing around with things a bit more. A mirrored console, lighting piece or a wall mirror will immediately bounce light off. We’re not suggesting to use all these pieces at once, choose one and make it work. To lengthen a hallway put a mirror at the end of the space to draw the eye in.



Rive Gauche console by Rue Monsieur Paris


Look Down

We’re huge pattern fans here at The Longest Stay, and although we don’t sell tiles (yet!) we know the power of pattern on your floors. Keep the rest looking clean and clutter free to drive maximum impact. They also work wonders in smaller spaces because pattern at floor level is much easier on the eye than say, a loud and bold wallpaper design. 




And one final tip, and this applies to hallways and beyond, if you’re into mixing eras and styles remember to choose something to unify the look, like a consistent colour hue. Let us know how you get on and if you have any questions we’re only a click away!