A common mistake we tend to make when decorating our home is that we often think of lighting as something we need rather than as something that will enhance our home décor. This is why many home decoration stores will have a separate section for designer lighting because it is as important as your furniture when creating a functional and beautiful space. Done right, it can enhance even the smallest or dullest of areas in your living space and by choosing a piece with a bit of character and quirk it can easily become a feature in your home.

To that end, we’ve selected 11 of our favourite pieces to suit different environments. Check out the edit below with some advice from Sherry on how to incorporate each piece.

1. Bubble by Innermost 

Bubble Innermost

Inspired by the simple design of an earring, Sherry says, “these look great in clusters – in fact – pendant lights work best in odd numbers, it’s an unspoken rule of design.”


2. Meltdown lamp by Cappellini

Meltdown Cappellini

The lamp's main feature is a voluptuous bowl formed by the bulb inside the glass’s ‘melted’ sphere. Sherry recommends, “clustering many of these pieces in your entrance hallway for a grand and delicate effect.”


3. Feather pendant light by Mineheart

Feather Pendant

It's no surprise that Mineheart’s quirky qualities have permeated their lighting collection to a T. Sherry’s advice is to “use it for space where intimacy and diffused lighting is a must, like a bedroom or powder room.”


4. Hanging lamp with 12 shades by Seletti


Inspired by the shape of traditional set lights, but encapsulated in a powdered metal ring, Sherry’s take on this piece is “tradition with a contemporary spin, ideal for an industrial-inspired space.”


5. BonBon pendant by Lasvit


A hand-blown glass shade reminiscent of a candy wrapper that is crimped at the top, Sherry loves its “playfulness and comes in either smoke or clear glass. Either would look lovely over a reading nook at home.”


6. Botti suspension light by Delightfull


Talk about a quirky light! This Portuguese brand demonstrates the exquisite craftsmanship of its artisans with this statement piece – bathed in golden hues – that according to Sherry “is at home in a grand mansion, lounge bar or hotel.”


7. Niagara by Ginger & Jagger


Another stunning piece by Portuguese brand Ginger & Jagger was inspired by the delicate shape of water droplets and is made of marble and brass. Sherry says, “I love the cheeky nod to the 1920s flapper dress era with its brass waves…”


8. Lampadario Chandelier by Il Pezzo Mancante

Il Pezzo Mancante

Inspired by Arabic calligraphic art and the classic candelabra, this may not exactly be a pendant light but it’s almost gothic-like look made it impossible to leave out of this list. Sherry’s favourite element is “that each bulb is hand blown and features LED technology that creates a romantic and grandiose atmosphere.”


9. Composition 2 pendant light by SKLO

Composition 2

Your home can benefit from quirky and cute pendant lighting no matter the shape and size, which is why Sherry selected this piece for our collection. She says, “because the two smaller lamps come with hooks that you can fix into place, you can adjust the length of the cord according to your ceiling height.”


10. Multi-Lite by Gubi

Multi-Lite Gubi

We couldn’t go much longer without including the hygge-inducing designs of Danish brand Gubi. Sherry’s favourite feature is “the rotatable shades, meaning that the light can be redirected upwards, downward or exude an asymmetrical art light.”


11. Latitude by Innermost

Latitude Innermost

You’d think, that these suspension pendant lights move around only when you move them. But, they don’t. The suspension allows the light to be pointed in any direction making it a versatile piece for your home. Sherry points out, “A spotlight on even the most worn out object will give it a new lease of life.”

As you can see, there is a myriad of ways of adding the right quirky pendant light to your interiors, any space – no matter how big or small – benefits from the drama that comes with the right lighting design. Not sure how to introduce new lighting into your home? Get in touch today!